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Lady Viagra (sildenafil) can be advised to females that do not obtain excited during sex and do not experience climaxes - a disorder called Female Sexual Dysfunction that has actually been underdiagnosed for long times.

Viagra (sildenafil) functions terrific for people figured out with erectile disorder that have troubles in bed.


Avoid obtaining pregnant and do not begin to breastfeed prior to contacting your medical professional.

Lady Viagra (sildenafil) is a medicine that has been specially made to match the need of ladies that do not obtain sufficient fulfillment from their sex life.


These might consist of HIV/AIDS medications, diclofenac, conivaptan, isoniazid, imatinib, enoxacin, cimetidine, antidepressants, bosentan, antifungal medications, rifampin, anti-biotics, and heart or blood stress medications.

Do not take Female Viagra much more typically than every 24 hours to stay clear of an overdose and undesirable negative side effects.